3 Outlet Desk Clamp Power Strip with USB C, White Flat Plug Desktop Edge Power Strip, Desk Mount Clamp Socket Connect 6.5 ft Thin Extension Cord for 1.6 inch Tables.

Price: $24.99
(as of May 26, 2024 08:28:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Keep your desktop neat and tidy

Ultra Flat Plug Design

The desktop power strip clamps at the edge of the table, or you can mount it on the table legs for more space-saving. You can get your phones, tablets and laptops charging just at your arm’s reach.

The slim design of the flat plug allows the power cord to sit close to the wall so that it could be easily hide in the back the furniture, bed and refrigerator. Fit for tiny space.

Specification AC Output: 13A/125v/1625w USB-A Output: 5V/2.4A USB-C Output: 5V/3A Material: ABS fireproof material Cord Length: 5 ft Size: 6.5*2.8*4.7 in







USB Fast Charging Ports

2 USB-A and 1 USB-C ports are added for charging without bulky adapters. The total output of USB port is 5V/3.4A/17W. The max output of USB port is 5v/3.4A, powering up almost any USB-A or USB-C device .

Screw Clamp Design

The desk clamp comes with silicone pads to hold your power strip securely in place.

No tools, no need to punch, Will not harm the desktop, can move it freely.

45° Flat Plug design is more convenient to use

The flat plug features a low profile fits easily in tight spaces, and the 45 degrees angled plug to keep other outlets vacant.


How to Install

1. Take out the clamp mount and tighten the screws of the gasket.

2. Done the clamp mounting.the Max Clamp is about 1.7 inch. the distance from the table to the wall is about 1.4 inch. Please check the size before installation.

3. Tighten the screw to fix.(screw unfix can move according to your need)

Desktop Power Strip: This desk clamp power strip With 3 AC outlets(1625W/13A) and 3 USB port connect with 6.5 ft Thin Extension Cord. Compared with a very crude typical circular line, the flat cord increases the flexibility and durability of the line, reducing damage to the cord. More durable and not easy to deform.
USB-C Charging Port: USB-A port provides 5V/2A max, and the USB-C port can up to 5V/3A max. With smart charging technology, it can auto-detect your connected devices and can reach faster-charging efficiency.
Thin Flat Plug Power Strip: The thin flat plug is 0.35 inch, this flat plug is much thinner than traditional plugs, which can close to the wall easily, and hide behind the furniture, sofa and bed.
Clamp Design: Edge Mount for use on any table up to 1.7 inch thick. The maximum thickness that can be clamped is 1.6 inch, the distance from the table to the wall is about 1.4 inch.
Easy to Install: This desktop power strip with the easy assemble mounting system, it is suitable for versatile installation without cutting into your work surface, just screw up the screws at the bottom.