Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Juice Glasses – Set Of 6 Dishwasher Safe Drinking Glasses For Soda, Milk, Coke, Beer, Spirits – 6.75oz Durable Tempered Glass Water Tumblers For Daily Use

Price: $24.96
(as of Apr 23, 2024 15:22:04 UTC – Details)

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Cozy French Bistro! The Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Juice glasses has an elegant design and a French bistro and café feel to them! Each set includes 6 drinking glasses that will elevate your dining table decoration and allow you to enjoy your cold or hot drink. In fact, these 6.75oz thermal-shock resistant drink glasses can be used to drink all kinds of beverages, including: Water, Cold and Hot Coffee, Juice, Iced Tea, and Coke or Soda. Are Your Kitchen Cabinets Overloaded? These juice glasses are stackable, so they will not occupy too much space in your kitchen cabinets! The stackable design also helps you carry the Juice tumblers around with ease and safety. Finally, the soda drinking glasses provide you with a secure and comfortable hold, so that you can enjoy your drink! These Drink Glasses Are Built For Daily Use! These Bormioli Rocco coke-drinking glasses are made in Spain with premium quality tempered glass. This means that our water glasses resistant to breakage, chipping and dishwasher wear. Years from now, the walls of your Rock Bar tall drinking glasses will be crystal clear and scratch free! The Most Beautiful And Practical Gift! Have you been invited to a housewarming party or a wedding? Then this drinking glass set is the perfect gift! So don’t hold back any longer! Place an order and get the Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Juice tumblers today! Click “Add to Cart” NOW!
FRENCH BISTRO STYLE DRINK GLASSES: Don’t you just love the beautiful decoration and cozy atmosphere of French bistros and café stores? You can create this elegant atmosphere in your dining table with these 6 iconic drinking glasses by Bormioli Rocco!
TUMBLERS FOR ALL KINDS OF DRINKS: These drink tumblers can be used for both cold and hot beverages, since they have resistance to thermal shocks. The 6.75oz tall drinking glasses are ideal to sip any beverage, from hot coffee and cappuccino to juices and iced drinks.
STACKABLE, SPACE SAVING DESIGN: These water glasses have a practical stackable design, so you can carry them around with safety and store them in your kitchen cabinets with ease. In other words, the stackable soda drinking glasses are going to help you save space!
PREMIUM QUALITY TEMPERED GLASS: These coke drinking glasses are made with premium quality tempered glass, thanks to which they are resistant to breakage, chipping and dishwasher wear. So feel free to use and wash the Juice glasses daily!
WASH IN THE DISHWASHER WITHOUT ANY FEAR: Our drinking tumblers are crystal clear and they make any drink look refreshing! And don’t worry – the dishwasher will NOT stain the walls of the glassware drinking glasses, nor will it make them cloudy.