Glass Tumbler with Lid and Straws,40oz Glass Cup with Handle,Drinking Glasses with Silicone Coaster,Glass Water Cup,Smoothie Cup,Beer Cup,Ice Coffee Cup,Fits In Cup Holder(Yellow)

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Product Description
Capacity 40 ounces
Color: Yellow
Quantity: 1pack
Bamboo lid, plastic lid, siliconeprotective sleeve, glass straw, stainless steel straw, cup brush, straw nozzle
Material: borosilicate glass material
Product Features:
Large capacity
Car Cup Design
Wide mouth
Two lids, one is a bamboo lid and the otheris a plastic lid
Silicone protective cover at the bottom ofthe water cup
Lid design
Paired with two types of lids, one is abamboo lid and the other is a plastic lid. Different lids are paired withdifferent usage methods for greater convenience.
Cup design
The cup comes with a handle, making iteasier to pick up. The design of the car cup is suitable for most vehicles,with a wide mouth and easier to add ice, making it a great choice duringtravel.
Silicone sleeve
The bottom of the cup is equipped with asilicone protective cover, which better protects the bottom of the cup andprevents collisions.
Usage Tips
After cleaning the wooden cover after use,please place it in a ventilated and dry place to dry.
This cup can be cleaned with a dishwasher
The cup can be reused
This cup can hold cold or hot drinks
Cannot be used in microwave ovens or areaswith open flames
Cannot fall from a height
【Products include】: 40oz glass tumbler*1, 304 stainless steel straw*1, borosilicate glass straw*1, plastic dual-purpose lid*1, wooden lid*1, coaster*1, silicone straw nozzle*1. A set of perfect and delicate cups.
【Product material】:This cup is made of borosilicate glass.It is stronger,more durable and more translucent than the glasses on the market.with a BPA-free plastic dual-use lid and A natural bamboo lid.borosilicate glass straw.Hard and not easily broken.Can replace disposable paper straws.304 stainless steel straw:odorless and non-toxic.Equipped with a silicone straw mouth.When drinking drinks,it prevents teeth from hitting the outer wall of the straw,helping to protect teeth.
【Suitable for car cup holders】: Designed to fit the bottom of the cup holder. In order to facilitate drinking beverages while driving. It is very suitable for standard cup holder sizes and is easy to carry. The large capacity of 40oz is suitable for loading coffee and smoothies, etc.
【Easy to clean and resistant to hot and cold】: The glass cup made of high borosilicate material is heat-resistant and durable. It will not break due to placing too cold or too hot liquid. Suitable for temperatures from -4℉ to 300℉. The wide mouth of the cup, You can use the matching sponge cup brush for simple hand washing. It can also be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.
【Perfect for various scenarios】: The 40 ounce glass tumbler is large enough for daily use, suitable for occasions such as family gatherings, bars, etc. It is suitable for cocktails, whiskey, cocktails, Shakes, yogurt, and iced coffee, etc. Use your imagination to use this cup.
【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】:We ensure undamaged packaging. But it is inevitable that the glass water bottle will collide during transportation. If the glass water bottle you receive are broken, please contact us in time, and we will reply you within 12 hours to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services and products.