Glass Tumbler with Straw & Lid, Silicone Protective Sleeve – 2 Pack Set, 20 oz, Wide Mouth for Water, Juice, Tea, Iced Coffee, Clear Borosilicate Smoothie Cup, Glasses, Reusable

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Product Description

The Perfect Tumbler Cup Glasses glass tumbler 16oz Glass Bottles - VAS Exclusive by All About Juicing

The VAS Exclusive by All About Juicing Clear Glass Tumblers are high-quality, durable and great for sipping beverages at home or on-the-go. With a slender design and a wide mouth neck, get ready for easy pouring, drinking and clean up. Feel good about ditching the plastic jars!

Carefully Crafted for Everyday Use glass tumblerglass tumbler PREMIUM BOROSILICATE GLASS FOR HOT OR COLD USE

✔ Made from premium glass, they can withstand hot or cold temperatures with ease

✔ Can be put in the microwave

✔ Pour hot water right into the bottle for tea infusions or making coffee beverages

✔ Plastic shouldn’t be used to store juices; it may leach chemicals, absorb stains. Glass = wiser choice.


✔ Lasts a lifetime, reusable glasses set for each day

✔ Pure & toxin free; won’t absorb odors or stain

✔ Perfect for essential oil, fruit, & herb infused waters

✔ Features silicone O-ring for a leakproof, tight seal

Essential Juice, Water & Beverage Bottles glass tumbler with waterglass tumbler with water SPACE SAVING DESIGN & WIDE MOUTH CUP OPENING

✔ Tall & lean design, fits in refrigerators, cup holders, gym equipment

✔ Easy to hold; not bulky like mason jars & wide jugs

✔ Pour juices, smoothies & milks, ice cubes, infusions, protein powder without spills right into the jar

✔ Wide neck = easy cleanup. No bottle brush/ funnel needed


✔ Perfect for mushroom coffees, clean mold free coffees, matcha, teas, keto drinks & fruit water

✔ Sleeves cushion, grip & prevent breakage w/shock insulation; no cold hands or moisture marks on tables; shatter resistant

✔ Can be used as a cup by simply removing the lid. Sleeves are removed easily.

Are the lids & cup dishwasher safe?

Yes, the entire cup and lid are machine wash safe. Place them on the top rack, and leave the silicone sleeve on the bottle, if you desire.

Do these tumblers have lead and BPA?

Glass products never contain BPA. There is no plastic in this product, it is all glass. If you are worried about lead, do not buy colored glass or glass with paint or decoration markings. These bottles are clear borosilicate and pure from nature.

Will these absorb odors or stain?

No, borosilicate glass is ideal for beverages because they will not absorb odors or stain the glass.

Do these break easily?

No, they are strong and durable – they also have a silicone sleeve to prevent shocks and breakage. These are made of borosilicate glass, and do not break easily when handled with care.

Is the silicone sleeve removable?

Yes, the silicone protective sleeve is removable. It is also dishwasher safe. No need to remove it for the dishwasher, unless you want to.

Female Founded & Wellness Driven- VAS Exclusive by All About JuicingFemale Founded & Wellness Driven- VAS Exclusive by All About Juicing

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4 Color Options


White, Grey or Black

Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

Reusable & Durable

Freezer Safe

Dishwasher Safe

2- PACK TUMBLER SET: You’ll get 2 premium thick glass, reusable 20 ounce, wide-mouth glass cups with 2 clear glass lids with silicone gaskets, 2 glass straws, and 2 silicone protective sleeves. Ribbed bottoms with a beige non-slip silicone cover for grip comfort & protection.
VERSATILE AS TUMBLER OR CUP, BEAUTIFUL & FUNCTIONAL: Use in your home or take it to go. 2-in-1 design allows you to use this as glass cups or add the lid and straw for a spill-resistant tumbler. Use with or without the silicone protective cover.
THICK CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS: Durable borosilicate shatterproof glass ensures longevity for many years. See through for a beautiful aesthetic & easy cleaning. The glass top and glass lid show off your beautiful cocktail drink creations and infused waters.
REUSABLE & PURE: Reuse this tumbler each and every day reducing plastic waste. Borosilicate glass is pure from nature and the best choice for your body and the environment. Made of all glass and silicone with absolutely no plastic parts, these bottles are endlessly reusable and completely toxin-free. No chemicals from plastics, paint or cheap ceramics leaching into your drinks.
FOR HOT OR COLD BEVERAGES: Borosilicate glass can handle your hot or cold beverages with ease. Make hot tea or coffee or cold fruit waters & juices in these ultra versatile cups.
EASY TO CLEAN: Glass bottles, straws, lids, and silicone sleeves are dishwasher-safe on the top rack. The silicone sleeve can stay on the bottle through the dishwasher.
WIDE MOUTH: Wide neck opening is perfect for ice, protein powder, juice powders, fruit infusions, teas, fruit cubes and easy cleaning.