Grow Forward Premium Wheat Straw Cups – Set of 8 Unbreakable BPA Free Reusable Hard Plastic 20 oz Drinking Glasses for Water, Camping, RV – Large Tumblers for Kitchen – Ocean

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wheat straw plateswheat straw plates

plastic tumblersplastic tumblers

OUR MISSION is to help you grow toward a better future.

Welcome to the Grow Forward family! We make safe, high quality, great looking cups for environmentally minded people. Our customers’ health and happiness is our top priority. With Grow Forward products, you and your loved ones will be safe from BPA and other toxins commonly found in dinnerware. Our tumblers are made with natural materials in order to help create a better world. Because our products are plant based and reusable, you can feel good that these dishes will never take up space in a landfill. Plus, they go through a rigorous design and evaluation process for the most durable wheat straw dinnerware on the market. We can’t wait to help you GROW FORWARD!



wheat straw cups

wheat straw cups



Colorful & Classy

Our colorful and thoughtfully designed cups will become you and your family’s instant favorite. While they are great for use while camping, picnicking, or on the road, they are beautiful enough to use while at home or entertaining. They’re also completely unbreakable, so you can disaster-proof your kitchen while adding a touch of color and charm to mealtime.

Functional & Fun

Our unbreakable wheat straw tumblers were practically designed with functionality in mind. Great for the whole family, our cups are adult-sized and make life easier before and after meals. Microwave and dishwasher safe, food rinses off easily, even oily or greasy foods, and you can let your dishwasher take care of the rest without fear of damage.

Stylish & Safe

Aesthetics are important too. Grow Forward wheat straw dinnerware sets feature soft colors and thoughtful palettes that look great stacked snugly inside your cabinet and even better laid out ceremoniously on the table. They are also made out of 100% food safe materials that just so happen to be better for the world. We call that a win-win.

smoothie cupssmoothie cups


8 Cups + Your Cabinet = 1 Happy Family

We take health very seriously. While you work hard to provide natural and nourishing food for your family, we work hard to make sure your food arrives on something just as good. With Grow Forward products, your family will be safe from BPA and other toxins commonly found in dinnerware. Our bowls and plates are made from natural materials to create less waste and a better place for future generations. Because our products are plant based, you can feel good knowing that these dishes will never take up space in a landfill.

plastic tumblersplastic tumblers

Designed to Keep Up with Busy Families

Wheat straw is a reusable zero-waste alternative to plastic and a viable modern solution to the endless churning through of glass and ceramic dinnerware.

Perfect for soup, chili, cereal, ramen, pasta, oatmeal, popcorn, snacks, and ice cream as well as salads piled high. The higher lip on the plates and steeply sloping bowl sides ensure fewer spills and messes at the table.

Our wheat straw bowls and plates will never fail. Rugged and durable, our 100% unbreakable drop-proof design means no sudden fiascos at the table or on the road. Perfect for food prep vs. glass or ceramic that can chip or crack.

Enjoy our bowl and plate set with peace of mind knowing they were grown from the Earth and grown for your family, so you can KEEP GROWING FORWARD!

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Microwave Safe

Dishwasher Safe

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4 bowls + 4 plates 8 cups 4 bowls + 4 plates 8 bowls 8 plates 16 Pieces
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🌾 [ 8 Premium Wheat Straw Cups ] – Colorful wheat straw plastic tumblers that stand out from the rest. Unlike others, our 20 oz reusable cups set is thoughtfully designed with a high-quality durable feel. 100% BPA free, non-toxic, odor-free, and easily stackable.
💪 [ Lightweight & Unbreakable Cups ] – Our plastic drinking glasses have a modern shape that fits normal sized cupholders everywhere. The sturdy, durable design is shatterproof and safe for kids and elders, with no sharp edges to worry about when dropped or knocked over.
✅ [ Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe ] – Enjoy less work and fewer chores with these reusable plastic cups. Our BPA free cups are dishwasher safe for effortless cleanup. Plus, these non-toxic cups work amazingly well for heating up drinks in the microwave without getting too hot.
💖 [ Indoor/Outdoor Glasses for Everyone ] – A great everyday water glass and excellent small cups for kids parties or adults at home, cafes, restaurants, indoor/outdoor events, picnics, parks, camping, vacation, in the backyard, on the patio, by the pool, and at the beach.
♻ [ Eco-Friendly Do It All Drinkware ] – The green production of wheat straw products releases less CO2 and requires less energy. Our planet friendly, eco conscious drinking cups are perfect for ice water, milk, juice, smoothies, lemonade, sweet tea, iced tea, soda, cocktails, and alcoholic beverages.