SCANDINOVIA – 19oz Unbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses Set of 6 – Super Grade Acrylic Plastic – Perfect for Gifts – Dishwasher Safe – Stackable – Drinkware Cups Reusable Water Tumbler

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Elevate Your Sipping Experience: SCANDINOVIA 19oz Unbreakable Glasses – Chic, Durable & Dishwasher-Safe for Effortless Elegance and Enduring Charm







Unbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses Tritan Plastic Tumbler Cups

Unbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses Tritan Plastic Tumbler Cups


Savor the opulent allure of real glass without the heartbreak of breakage. Our SCANDINOVIA unbreakable premium drinking glasses are meticulously crafted from top-quality, BPA-free materials that mimic the elegance and weight of glass, while offering unparalleled durability. Elevate your drinkware collection with these stunning, versatile cups fit for any occasion.


Bid adieu to the curse of cloudy, hazy plastic cups! Our mesmerizing drinking glasses boast a dishwasher-safe design that maintains their lustrous sparkle and crystal-clear transparency through countless wash cycles. Impress your guests and enhance your beverage experience with the pristine presentation of these dazzling cups every time.


Sip your favorite refreshments with confidence, whether you’re lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun at the beach, or hosting a backyard BBQ. Our unbreakable drinking glasses offer both safety and style, making them the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures and celebrations.


Embrace the vibrant versatility of our stunningly assorted drinking glasses. With a captivating collection of colors to choose from, these cups effortlessly elevate any setting, from a casual family dinner to a sophisticated soiree. Enhance your indoor and outdoor gatherings with the dynamic charm and enchanting hues of these unforgettable glasses.

INGENIOUS STACKABLE DESIGN – Reclaim your precious cabinet real estate with our sleek, brilliantly stackable drinking glasses. Their innovative internal design allows for effortless storage, providing you with a space-saving solution that doesn’t sacrifice style or functionality. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization – ORDER YOUR SET now and transform your kitchen experience.

LIGHT AS A FEATHER, TOUGH AS NAILS – Delight in the perfect harmony of form and function with our SCANDINOVIA drinking glasses. Expertly crafted to be lightweight yet remarkably durable, these cups offer the ultimate in effortless handling and resilience, ensuring an exquisite, peaceful drinking experience you’ll adore.

FLAWLESS FLAT-BOTTOM FINISH – No more water pooling in your dishwasher! Our ingeniously designed flat-bottom cups ensure a thorough and efficient washing and drying process, leaving your glasses spotless and ready to dazzle. Revel in the convenience and brilliance of these expertly engineered glasses, designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

THE ULTIMATE GIFTING EXPERIENCE – Delight your loved ones with a gift that expertly fuses practicality and elegance. Our exquisite glasses are the ideal present for housewarmings, weddings, or birthdays, ensuring a lasting impression that speaks volumes about your impeccable taste. Give the gift of unbreakable luxury and bask in the joy of a truly thoughtful gesture.



Discover the Pinnacle of Unbreakable Luxury: SCANDINOVIA’s Stunning, Customer-Approved Drinking Glasses – Elevate Your Sipping Experience Today!

UNBREAKABLE SOPHISTICATION – Experience a luxurious blend of elegance and practicality with SCANDINOVIA’s 19 oz Unbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses. Expertly crafted from top-quality materials, these glasses are designed to withstand accidental drops without breaking or shattering. As one satisfied customer shared, “I find plastic glasses much safer to use instead of glass.” Elevate your sipping experience and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in durable, stylish drinkware that’s built to last.

VIBRANT COLORS & STUNNING DESIGN – SCANDINOVIA’s drinking glasses boast a captivating array of colors, perfect for adding a touch of pizzazz to any occasion. One happy customer raved, “I love the assorted colors, as I have plates in an assortment of colors and these match.” Mix and match colors to create eye-catching table settings or select a single color to complement your existing décor. Either way, you’ll be making a stylish statement with every sip.

STACKABLE & SPACE-SAVING – Maximize your storage space with our ingeniously designed stackable glasses. As one reviewer noted, “They are great for space conservation.” These glasses are expertly engineered for optimum convenience and efficiency, fitting seamlessly into one another, allowing you to store them with ease. Bid farewell to cluttered cabinets and disorganized shelves – SCANDINOVIA glasses are here to revolutionize your kitchen and elevate your hosting game.

DISHWASHER-SAFE PARADISE – Tired of handwashing delicate glassware? Our SCANDINOVIA glasses are dishwasher-safe, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup after every use. As one customer shared, “After approximately 20-30 cycles in the dishwasher, these glasses are still looking like new.” Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your favorite beverages with our low-maintenance, high-quality drinkware.

NO MORE WATER POOLING – Ingeniously designed with a flat bottom, our glasses prevent water from pooling when inverted in the dishwasher. One customer praised this feature, stating, “When inverted for the dishwasher cycle, bottoms are flat and don’t collect/hold dirty water.” Experience the ease and convenience of our thoughtfully designed glasses and never worry about trapped water again.

SAFE OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING – SCANDINOVIA’s unbreakable glasses are perfect for outdoor gatherings, providing a safer alternative to traditional glassware. As one reviewer noted, “I live on a lake with a large deck and guests often take the glasses outside. These are much safer.” Enhance your outdoor entertaining experience with our durable, stylish glasses that are designed to withstand the elements.

BEAUTIFUL & FUNCTIONAL – Our SCANDINOVIA drinking glasses offer not only captivating designs but also exceptional functionality. As one satisfied customer said, “These are high-quality, beautiful tumblers. The colors are very pretty as well.” Indulge in the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, and elevate your drinking experience to new heights.

LOVE THEM OR RETURN YOUR SET – We’re so confident you’ll adore our SCANDINOVIA 19 oz Unbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses that we offer a no-questions-asked, 100% return. One customer declared, “Loved them!” Experience the luxury, style, and convenience of our top-rated glasses. Don’t wait – order your set today and transform your drinkware collection!

HAPPY CUSTOMERS – SCANDINOVIA’s unwavering commitment to make “customers happy” has earned them rave reviews, with one customer stating, “These are the best drinking glasses I’ve ever owned – I couldn’t be happier!” Shop with confidence knowing that SCANDINOVIA stands behind their products. Don’t wait – dive into the world of SCANDINOVIA and elevate your drinking experience today.



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Unbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses Tritan Plastic Tumbler CupsUnbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses Tritan Plastic Tumbler Cups

UNBREAKABLE ELEGANCE (MADE IN JAPAN) – Experience the luxury of real glass without the risk of breakage. These premium drinking glasses are made from top-quality, unbreakable material, perfect for every occasion. 3.54 in (Top) x 2.56 in (Bottom) x 5.51 in (Height), 100% Made in Japan, Super Grade Acrylic Plastic (BPA Free / Prop 65 compliant).
VIBRANT VERSATILITY – Elevate your beverage experience with our alluring assortment of colors. These captivating plastic glasses that look like glass are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, enhancing every sip with style and charm. These plastic tumblers drinking glasses are bpa free plastic cups, colorful drinking glasses, colorful glasses drinkware, and colorful plastic cups that will bring joy to home.
STACKABLE SPACE-SAVERS – Reclaim your cabinet space with these sleek, stackable unbreakable glasses drinking cups set. Their ingenious design allows for effortless storage, making them a must-have addition to your collection. These colored glassware also used as suitable for cups for kitchen, kitchen cups, kitchen cups set, and cup sets for kitchen.
DISHWASHER-SAFE WONDER – Tired of dull, cloudy cups? Our mesmerizing drinking glasses maintain their sparkle and clarity through countless wash cycles, ensuring a stunning presentation every time. It can be used as iced tea glasses, plastic cup set, acrylic cup, acrylic cups set, acrylic drinkware, acrylic tumbler, acrylic water glasses, and drinking cup.
THE PERFECT GIFT – Delight loved ones with a gift that’s equal parts practical and elegant. Ideal for housewarmings, weddings, or birthdays, these exquisite large plastic cups will leave a lasting impression.