STRATA CUPS 12 Colored Skinny Clear Tumbler with Lids and Straws | 16oz Double Wall Clear Acrylic Tumblers Bulk With FREE Straw Cleaner & Name Tags! Reusable Cup With Clear Straw Tumbler

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Finally available for the first time! Not FOUR. Not SIX. But a full 12-PIECE SET of Skinny Tumblers WITH fun colored lids and straws. Now that’s what we call a full party! You’ll love the comfortable slim design, splash proof lids, and easy clean acrylic. Come and meet your new family of favorite cups!

12 Fun Colored Tumblers To Fight Over!

Double walls to keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot Slim line design, satisfying to hold and great for kids and arthritic hands EXCLUSIVE TO STRATA: Full set of 12 tumblers (instead of the usual 4 pack) Splash proof screw top lids to minimize spills Easy to clean – Place in the TOP dishwasher rack BONUS GIFT: Free mini wire cleaner to keep straw insides spotlessNon-Toxic BPA Free Acrylic 8.5” high, 2.5” diameter. Holds 16oz of your favorite beverage Straight sides perfect for monogramming or vinyl logos, branding etc. 12 unique colors – excellent to keep track of your drink, or for those with allergies

For parties, bridal showers, promotional events, or just bright colored day-to-day hydration wrap your lips around the hottest… and coldest tumblers on Earth!

Why Choose Strata Cups Skinny Tumblers?


While we can’t say a few drops won’t escape near the straw, we can say these are a better option that the rubber pop lids found on most tumblers. You’ll naturally agree a few drops are better than a giant puddle!


No one likes that refreshing ice cold drink to get warm. And no one wants a warm drink getting cold. So that’s why your set of 12 tumblers are double-wall insulated for thermoregulation, and to reduce condensation.


How do you find something small enough to clean a reusable straw? If you’re like most people who prefer your drink containers and straws to be hygienic, you’ll appreciate our FREE gift of a mini Wire Straw Cleaner.

Perfect For Events, Promotions and Bridal Showers

Thanks to the vertical style, these acrylic cups are the design of choice for anyone who wants to add memorable printing. They make great goodie bag gifts at bridal showers and birthday parties! They’re practical and sturdy for sports clubs, and they’re a sales-boosting trinket for launches and promotions. Your local printing company will find these cups easy to work with.

So, if you’re ready to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, in a handy splash-proof tumbler with it’s very own lid and straw. One that’s easy to clean and satisfying to hold – you’re ready to order Strata Cups set of 12 Clear Skinny Tumblers.

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Multicolor Color

Straw Cleaner

BPA Free

Double Wall Plastic

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Personalized Gifts with Awesome Packing

Perfect for all kind of Parties

✅COLD DRINKS STAY COLD! And warm drinks stay warm! Forget about single-walled tumblers. Sure, they can hold a drink, but sooner or later you’ll wish that cold drink hadn’t gone warm, or left condensation rings all over your surface. Strata clear skinny tumbler with their double walls, thermo-regulate your drinks so you can enjoy them down to the last refreshing drop.
✅12 FUN PARTY COLORS: Got 12 kids? No? You will when you bring tumbler pack of 12 out at parties. Watch how even the most serious adult eyeballs their favorite color, hoping that someone else doesn’t grab it first. Obviously color-coding is a great way to stop someone stealing your drink, and a must-have for allergy sufferers.
✅SPLASH-PROOF LIDS: Most clear straw tumbler come with a rubber push down lid, and when you drop them the lid pops off. Strata Tumblers come with colored screw top lids with tight straw seal. While we can’t say a few drops won’t escape, we can say you won’t be cleaning up a giant orange juice mess from your carpet.
✅ EASY TO CLEAN: Cracked plastic and water getting into the double walls are real concerns when it comes to cleaning an acrylic tumbler. So our design team solved both problems. Your skinny cup are 100% Handwash Only. They also come with a BONUS STRAW CLEANER so you can keep straws spotless inside and out.
✅SATISFYING TO GRIP: Many people agree clear straw tumbler are the most comfortable size to hold. Not only do they feel good, they’re easier for kids, and folks with arthritic hands. Each tumbler is 8.5” high with a 2.5” diameter, and holds 16oz of your favorite beverage. BPA FREE, Non-Toxic.