Travel Water Flosser, Mini Portable Oral Irrigator, Telescopic Water Tank, 4 Nozzles, Unique Light, IPX7 Waterproof, Cordless Water Flosser for Teeth, Gums, Braces,Dental Care for Home Travel (Green)

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△Make sure the rubber lid stays in the charging port during flossing. The charging port cover should only be removed for charging.

Only support Output 5V 1A power adapter

The improper selection of the power adapter or charging cable can lead to increased temperature in the cable when charging current is high. Please pay attention to the following:

1.Please use the charging cable provided by us or a reputable manufacturer.

2.Please use a power adapter with 5V 1A output. If the power adapter is over 1A, then it will cause adverse reactions to the data cable and charging port.

Please note the following instructions:

1.When using the device, be careful not to expose the charging port to water or charge it in a wet environment.

2.For the oral irrigator, ensure that the charging port plug is tightly secured to the charging port during use.

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Green water flosser Green water flosser


Compared with other competitors in the current dental irrigator industry, our products have the following obvious advantages:

1.Salate portable water flosser features One Unique Setting with blue light technology for 90s to ensure water reservoir and nozzles are efficiently cleaned for your oral hygiene.

2. Our Salate oral irrgator features a unique gravity ball design that allows you to use it at any angle for efficient water ejection. Unlike other water flossers that require specific holding angles, our innovative design lets you customize your oral care routine with ease and comfort.

3 Deep Cleaning Modes

SOFT-60PSI For massaging gums and rinsing

NORMAL-80PSI For powerful removal of food particles

STRONG-120PSI For deep clean with heavy water pressure

Frequency Pulse: 1800-2000 times/min

What’s in the Box: 1x Salate Cordless Water Flosser 1x Waterproof bag 1x Standard Nozzle 1x Orthodontic Nozzle 1x Periodontal Pocket Nozzle 1x Tongue Scraping Nozzle 1x USB-Type C Cable 1x User Manual

3 features3 features



[ONE UNIQUE MODE] Salate portable water flosser features One Unique Setting with blue light technology to ensure water reservoir and nozzles are efficiently cleaned for your oral health.
[LONG BATTERY LIFETIME & PORTABLE DESIGN]: With its lightweight, portable design and powerful lithium battery that lasts over 30 days once fully charged, it’s the perfect solution for your travels and daily oral care needs.
[3 CLEANING MODES & DEEP CLEAN] The Salate Water Flosser has 3 cleaning modes, 50-130 PSI, including a 0.65mm water flow that’s perfectly targeted for gentle deep-cleaning in every corner of your mouth, even for those with braces or implants, and those with bridges, crowns, and veneers.
[TELESCOPIC WATER RESERVOIR]:The oral irrigator water tank is telescopic with a 230ml large capacity, allowing you to clean your entire mouth with a single filling. Two interchangeable water tank sizes included, allowing you to go big when you need it most, or keep it small and portable when your overnight bag space is limited.
[IPX7 WATERPROOF & UNIQUE LEAK-PROOF DESIGN] :The IPX7 waterproof rating allows you to use the water flosser in the shower, and it comes with an exclusive internal leak-proof and drainage device for a longer service life compared to similar products. It’s also globally voltage compatible, perfect for travel.