Wireless Carplay Adapter & Android Auto Wireless Adapter, New Upgrade 2 in 1 Dual System 5.8GHz WiFi Fast Connect Online Update, Wireless Adapter for Cars with Factory Android Auto & Wired CarPlay

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Product Description

wireless carplay adapterwireless carplay adapter

Carplay & Android Auto, Independent Dual System

The Shappon Link 5.0 wireless adapter is equipped with both Carplay and Android Auto wireless systems to meet the needs of multiple devices in the home. The two systems are independent and can be switched at the touch of a button, making Carplay and Android Auto more stable.

carplay wireless adaptercarplay wireless adapter

Native CarPlay Experience

The car play wireless adapter supports Voice Control, Siri, GPS Navigation (real-time navigation), Online Music App, Phone Call, iTunes, Music app, and Messages. The wireless carplay adapter is also perfectly compatible with your original car control methods such as screen touch, buttons, and knobs.

wireless carplay

wireless carplay

wireless carplay adapter

wireless carplay adapter

carplay wireless adapter

carplay wireless adapter

wireless carplay

wireless carplay


After a successful initial connection, your phone will be able to quickly connect to the car within 10-15 seconds every time it starts up.


Combining Bluetooth 4.2 version and 5.8GHz Wi-Fi version for more stable and faster transmission.This combination can make devices transmit data more smoothly in wireless network environment, reduce signal interference and transmission delay, and improve user experience.


By upgrading online, you can solve 90% of the problems. Please contact our after-sales team at any time.when you encounter problems.


The operation is simple. After connecting the Shappon Link 4.0 to the vehicle via the data cable, no additional driver installation is required. Just set up your phone and enjoy wireless connection immediately!

wireless carplay adapterwireless carplay adapter

Q:How do I turn off the device (other than unplugging it)? It remains powered on after I turn off the car and leave. As long as I’m within range, it connects to my phone and disconnects me from any Wi-Fi network I’m connected to.

A:we suggest that you press the button three times within two seconds to turn off/on Bluetooth and Wifi.

carplay wireless adaptercarplay wireless adapter

You May Concern

1.What should I do if the connection fails?

Before connecting, please disconnect the Bluetooth and WiFi of other devices on the mobile phone. Please ignore the Bluetooth name of this product and keep Bluetooth is turned off for 5 seconds, then reconnect to Bluetooth or unplug the Adapter and try again.

2.Unable to automatically reconnect?

In some cars, we need to select “automatic connection” in the CarPlay settings.

Other cases:

A. Please make sure that the Bluetooth and WiFi functions of your mobile phone are turned on and the Bluetooth is not occupied when you get in the car;

B. Clear the pairing record, restart the phone and re-pair the adapter.

3. Can the adapter be paired with multiple phones?

The adapter can be paired with multiple phones, but only one device can be connected at a time. Please note, by Bluetooth function default, the adapter’s system will only auto-connect back to the last used phone.

Note: For German cars like Volkswagen, Skoda, etc., when connecting wireless Android Auto for the first time, it is essential to manually tap the Android Auto icon on the car’s infotainment system. Do not click on the MirrorLink icon. If you accidentally click on the MirrorLink icon, the connection will fail. In such cases, you need to go to the car’s system settings and delete the device’s connection record. Then, unplug and reconnect the device to try again. For Peugeot and Citroën cars: When connecting Android Auto, do not click on the MirrorLink icon. If you accidentally click on the MirrorLink icon, the connection will fail. In such cases, you need to go to the car’s system settings and delete the device’s connection record. Then, unplug and reconnect the device to try again. For certain Honda models, a maximum of 5 devices can be connected. If there are more than 5 devices already connected, it will result in a connection failure. In such cases, you need to go to the system settings and delete other connected devices.

2 in 1 Dual System: The SHAPPON Link 5.0 wireless adapter is equipped with apple carplay and android auto wireless dual system, 2 in 1, free to switch, free your hands. Unlike the general dual system converter that transcodes carplay to android auto, the two systems of the wireless adapter are independent of each other and can be switched by a button, making both apple carplay wireless adapter and wireless android auto adapter more stable.
No Lag and Plug-and-Play Setup: The car play adapter wireless dongle works directly out of the box, combines Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 5.8GHz, and can pair a car and phone in just a few seconds with low power consumption and no latency. Even the phone can be easily recognized in the pocket, achieving stable and efficient data transmission and range control, giving you a more stable and smooth streaming experience!
Compatibility: SHAPPON Link 5.0 Carplay wireless adapter works with all factory wired Carplay or wired Android Atuo cars, which greatly saves you time distinguishing which products to buy. Tips: not applicable to BW-M / Tes-la /2023 Vol-vo /2023 che-vy tra-verse /2016 Hon-da accord/2019 mer-cedes E53/ 2017 mer-cedes gls/ 2016-2017 For-d SYN-C2.5 system / Al-fa Ro-meo Giu-lia 2019
Automatic & Wireless Connectivity to Carplay: Simply connect the wireless CarPlay adapter to a car with original wired CarPlay or Android Auto to convert wired to wireless CarPlay. Carplay wireless adapter supports voice control, Siri, GPS navigation (real-time navigation), etc. If you are using an Android phone, simply switch your device to Android Atuo mode to help you achieve wireless Android autonomous driving on the car display.
Small and Portable: The wireless car play adapter is so small that it can be easily hidden or installed outdoors. The ability to connect wirelessly to CarPlay makes mobility more efficient without having to connect and disconnect wires. It completely reduces the damage to the phone caused by frequently plugging in and unplugging the charging cable. Also, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your phone in the car after you’re done driving.

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