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The soft padding makes the wheels quiet and ensures the walker does not leave marks on the floor. The soft rubber also makes the walker slip-resistant, reducing the risk of accidents. You can fill the walker with sand to make it heavier and thereby adjust the difficulty for your child. The wheels also have a speed control knob that allows you to set the speed you want the child to walk at (we recommend child safety gates for all stairs). This ensures the little one learns to walk in a safe and stimulating way, and you can adjust the difficulty as your child’s motor and balance skills improve. You pour the sand into the container on the inner side (which is not a drinking bottle and should not be used as such). If you feel that additional weight is needed, you can also fill the walker’s legs with sand. The handle has two height settings. Approved for: 6 months+. Max 25 kg. Can be cleaned with a moist cloth. Uses 2 x AA batteries – not included. This product is CE marked and Complies with the appropriate EN standards. EN71-2-4
Walker: For when your child is still learning to move their legs right and needs something to lean on for balance. The child walks behind the walker, holding on to the handles. Weight and extra speed control allow you to adjust the difficulty to the child’s level of development.
Ride Along: The child sits on the accompanying seat and drives it like a balance bike/scooter. A smart locking mechanism/ knob by the wheel allows mommy/daddy to configure whether the ride along should be able to turn left and right or only drive straight.
Baby Scooter: Once the little one grows older and both motor skills and balance have improved, the kick scooter becomes the next fun challenge. The walker can therefore be transformed to follow the child’s development over several stages.
Activity Center: Toys stimulate the child’s senses in different stages of development. Turning knob for the youngest ones. Guitar, telephone and balls with an insert function for those who are slightly older. The removable toys with buttons that trigger lights and sounds are popular with toddlers, and the two balls that a child can play with – or pop into the hole and see them land on the floor below – are also great source of fun.

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