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Risk Board GameRisk Board Game Includes List:

Includes gameboard, 5 armies with 40 Infantry, 12 Cavalry, and 8 Artillery each, 56 Risk cards, card box, 5 dice, 5 cardboard war crates, and game guide.

Risk Game

Take over the world in this exciting game of military strategy, with a refreshed look that includes updated figures, compelling board art, and improved Mission cards. In the Risk game players set out to conquer their enemies’ territories by building an army, moving in troops, and engaging in battle.

A Game of Strategic Conquest

It’s a game of alliances, betrayal, and surprise attacks because on the Risk game battlefield, anything goes. Players begin with a set of army figures and place them strategically throughout the map in order to occupy those territories. Players then try to conquer each other’s territories by invading and engaging in battles. Depending on the roll of the dice, players will either defeat the enemy or be defeated. The player who eliminates all of their opponents and occupies every territory wins the game.

4 Ways to Play

The Risk game guide lays out 4 different ways to play: Secret Mission, Classic, Risk for 2 Players, and Capital. When playing the Secret Mission variation, players race to complete the secret mission noted on the Secret Mission cards. For Classic Risk, players must conquer every territory on the board. Risk for 2 Players adds a neutral army to the mix, and Capital Risk is a shorter variation of the classic game. No matter which variation you play, remember…when it comes to taking over the world, it’s all about who is willing to take the biggest Risk.

Colourful and Robust Game Guide

Those who are new to the Risk game can quickly get up to speed with the detailed explanations in the colourful game guide. It helps new players understand the map and cards, and explains different strategies such as the attack, maneuver, and how to earn more troops. The game guide also includes a section of strategy hints and FAQs.


-Take over the world in this game of strategy conquest

-Features updated figures

-Improved Mission cards speed up the game

-Rich and compelling gameboard art

-Includes 5 war crates for easy storage.

-Game of Strategy Conquest

-Features 12 Secret Missions

-Updated Figures

-Updated Gameboard Art

-Store Parts in War Crates

Risk Board GameRisk Board Game

Risk Board GameRisk Board Game

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Ages 10 and up For 2 to 5 players



DRAGON TOKEN This Risk game includes a dragon token Players must destroy the dragon before it destroys their troops A lucky roll can subdue the dragon and get it out of a player’s territory
UNEXPECTED EVENTS Add the Alexa skill for events that affect the battle Alexa might send troops your way or put troops in jeopardy Players never know if Alexa will help or hinder them
GAME OF STRATEGIC CONQUEST Move troops in and engage in battle to conquer enemy territories Defeat all enemy troops in a territory and get closer to global conquest
5 WAYS TO PLAY The Risk game features 5 ways to play Classic Risk Dragon Risk Secret Mission Risk Risk for 2 Players and Capital Risk

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