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Price: £82.99
(as of May 30,2022 18:07:08 UTC – Details)

Attention Please
1. To ensure your safety, never use the electric car jack on sloped ground.
2. Do not exceed the max limit of load bearing capacity, the car jack is only applicable to vehicles weighing no more than 3 Ton.
3. To ensure sufficient electricity, it is better to start the vehicle and keep the engine on during operation.
4. When the electric car jack is working, please do not get too close to the car and touch it with your fingers to avoid personal injury.
5. Please pay attention to the positive and negative terminals of the battery, do not reverse the position of the battery clips when connecting to the car battery (DC 12V)
6. The jack must be placed in the direction parallel to the car.
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Max Loading: 3T (6614 lb)
Lifting Height Range: 4.72-16.53 inches
Power Cord Length: 11.5 feet
Packing List
Electric Car Jack x1
Cigarette Lighter Power Line x1
Hand Crank x1
Spare Fuses x3
Battery Clip x1
Gloves x1
Instruction x1

🚖Fully Upgraded Version: This electric scissor jack is made of high hardness cold-rolled steel which has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to be deformed. The base is upgraded in width and thickness to increase stability and structural strength, and the reinforced solid screws will effectively prevent it from tearing or twisting.
🚖All for Your Safety: When the jack reaches the maximum height, it will stop working automatically. Rubber particles are set on the top of the jack, which can not only prevent the car jack from skidding, but also protect the car paint from falling. The built-in circuit breaker in the jack can protect your car from overload. The compact triangle and self-locking structure make sure that the car will not fall down suddenly. This jack is designed with LED light to adapt to the dark environment.
🚖Compact Case with Warning Sign Design:Specially designed for tools, each part of the tool case has its own position to protect the tool to the greatest extent. Add Velcro on the outside of the box to prevent items from moving inside the box. The red triangle added to the side of the box gives the box a function of acting as a warning sign, so that when we use tools, we can directly use the box to remind the coming car.
🚖Indispensable Road Helper: The electric scissor jack with controller is an ideal tool to change tires by yourself on the roadside. It can be operated easily by simply connecting the vehicle power supply. Nobody needs to seek help from others or turn to the car repair shop when run into a road emergency like flat tire. Electric car jack is an indispensable helper for garage, farm, highway and long-distance travel.

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