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Daily reflection is one of the key principles of The 6-Minute Diary. The Evening Routine and the Weekly 5 Questions are a unique tool to help you discover yourself and to set goals that align with who you truly are. The 6-Minute Diary will help you become the person you know you can be.

Research shows: When remembering what made us happy, we tend to add and remove key details unconsciously. By using a writing journal like this, you prevent falling victim to imprecise memories and instead create a mosaic of your happiness.

The daily practice of mindfulness and gratitude is a great technique for stress relief. By taking the time for introspection you become aware of your thoughts and emotions and find your balance.

Your daily entries will become A PIECE OF CAKE:
Studies show that more than 92 % of people do not reach the goals they’ve set. Are you one of them? If so, it’s NOT the lack of skills but the lack of an appropriate SYSTEM. Drive and determination alone are not enough to keep you focused and in control. The structure of The 6-Minute Diary is designed in a way that even people who …
a) don’t tend to keep a diary and
b) are the most creative inventors of excuses
… will stay on the ball. This journal to write in for women and men will ensure you’re proactively moving in the right direction day by day.

LOOKING FOR A GIFT? Great self-help books for women and men are hard to find but with the 6-Minute Diary you can’t go wrong. The beautiful layout is clean and minimalistic, making it a PERFECT PRESENT for everyone you treasure.

Our Diary has worked for thousands of others and we’re confident that it will make positive changes in your everyday life, too! If you don’t see results within 66 days, just return it for a full refund.
✔ Simple & science-based gratitude journal for a HAPPIER & MORE FULFILLED life. More than 1.500.000 users. Recommended by psychologists & therapists all over the world. Use the proven principles of positive psychology to live Your life more consciously & positively!
✔ FOCUS on PROGRESS & THE GOOD THINGS in life: If you want to feel good, you need to be in charge of your thought patterns. This is exactly what this mindfulness journal trains with you in doable portions of 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening. Discover WHAT really makes You happy and bring MORE OF THAT into Your life!
✔ SELF CARE and MINDFULNESS made easy: We’ve turned leading research into an easy-to-use daily journal. Use the proven practices of positive psychology to improve Your mental health and wellness!
✔ HIGH QUALITY journal for women & men: This wellness journal is produced CO2-neutral & with vegan materials, covered with finest French linen. Designed, printed & bound with love in Germany.
✔ PERFECT MINDFULNESS GIFT: Put a smile on the face of Your loved ones! The perfect mindfulness gift for women and men, and for anyone who – in our hectic society – wants to consciously take time for themselves. Give away less stress, more self-love & happiness!

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