Bago Gym Bags for Women and Men – Small Packable Sports Duffle Bag for Women with Shoe Compartment and Wet Pocket

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Product Description

40L Duffle bag40L Duffle bag

Colorful, Multipurpose, Functional Storage: Bago

Traveling internationally, working out, camping, or going on a weekend excursion, you can rely on Bago to fulfill every need you have when it comes to a duffle bag.

It is roomy, functional, and serves numerous purposes. Plenty of room on the inside with numerous storage compartments for additional items.

It’s odor free and waterproof to keep items safe and fragrant. You can depend on it to optimize your experience no matter what you might be using it for.

carrying duffle bagcarrying duffle bag

Perfect for Going to the Gym

Bago is built to last and is the perfect companion for going to the gym or attending an athletic event. It has a padded strap that will provide comfort to your shoulders. Your clothing and personal items will remain dry inside as the double zipper pullers allow for a tight close and the durable bucket ensure it can sustain a potentially heavy load. This durable duffle is made of high quality waterproof fabric and enhanced with HonyComb RipStop Pattern to ensure that water will bead up and dry if it comes into contact with your bag, thus keeping items dry.

 duffle bag for women duffle bag for women

Not Too Small, Not Too Big

Experience will tell you that this is the perfect size bag for multiple occasions. When going to the gym, you can place footwear in the shoe compartment, carry water bottles and workout accessories in the handy outer compartments. The inside is spacious enough for uniform, numerous outfits and various kinds of workout gear and sweat clothing. You need a bag big enough to fit the essentials, but not oversized. This duffle by Bago is a sure fit.

duffle bag

duffle bag

40L bago duffle bag

40L bago duffle bag

bago travel bag 40 L

bago travel bag 40 L

duffle bag for men

duffle bag for men

Multiple Storage Compartments

Load up the inside with your needed items and enjoy the multiple storage compartments on the inside and outside. This roomy, waterproof, dor-proof duffle bag has compartments for your shoes, towels, smelly clothes, or bathing suit. It features 2 large grippy mesh compartments, 2 front pockets, a back pocket and an inner pocket, even a wet pocket. You will enjoy multiple storage compartments that you can access quickly.

Carry a yoga mat alongside with the self-adjusting straps.

Keep Items Neat, Organized and Safe

Many duffle bags sag, and become unshapely once packed and carried, not Bago. It is lightweight, yet durable and made to last. It can withstand the impact of travel, camping, athletic events, and more.

This superior construction helps keep the bag firm and shapely which will maintain your organization and keep your items safe.

The many compartments and the size allow for neatness, safety, and organization. No one wants to arrive at their destination to find what they packed jumbled, unfolded and squeezed together, not to mention wet or smelly. With Bago’s odor free, waterproof, and compartment-rich features, your items will stay right where you put them.

Stylish, Attractive, Versatile

You will get this gym – travel – duffle bag for its superior construction and durability, however, you will enjoy it for its stylish design. It is versatile, as well as attractive. It can be carried over your shoulder, or in your hand. Numerous zipper pockets allow you to access needed items quickly.

Shoes, wallet, keys, phone, passport will remain undetected, but can be accessed immediately. Get colors that will match your existing luggage or colors that will go well with your workout style at the gym. If several bags are lying on the floor at the gym or campsite, you will be able to look from a distance and identify your bag because of its attractive style and color.

Meets Regulation Size for Carry-On in Air Travelvvvvvvv

Restrictions for Carry-On bags are precise and fixed. Whether you are flying abroad or within the country, Bago’s measurements comply with the regulations for carry-on bags. Bago can be stored in the overhead luggage compartment above your airplane seat.

Bago is flexible, yet it is firm and will retain its shape even if subjected to a confined space. It even has a suitcase holder if using along with a checked bag during air travel.

Foldable, Lightweight, Durable

40L duffle bag40L duffle bag

When you are not using your bag, it can be folded for easy storage in your closet, in a drawer, or under a bed. It is lightweight and will not add extra pounds to be carried.

The materials used to construct this versatile bag are high quality, and dependable.

This sleek, functional, yet attractive bag will satisfy all of your needs and wants for various events and uses













Full Size(inch)

13 x 9 x 20

10 x 13 x 23

11 x 15 x 27


12 x 17 x 29

Folded Size (inch)

11.8 x 7.8 x 1.18

11 x 10 x1.5

12.6 x 11.8 x 1.5

13 x 12 x 2

13 x 12 x 2


Odor proof large compartment, 2 large grippy water bottle mesh compartments, multiple compartments, Yoga Mat Straps & Suitcase Carrying Strap

Front Pockets, Inner Pocket, Shoulder Strap, Foldable into itself

Front Pockets, Inner Pocket, Shoulder Strap, Foldable into itself

Front Pockets, Inner Pocket, Shoulder Strap, Side Handles Zippers, Rain Flaps, Foldable into itself

Rolling Duffle Bag, Front Pockets, Inner Pocket, Shoulder Strap, Side Handles Zippers, Rain Flaps, Foldable bag

Common Uses

Gym Bag, Small Sports bag, Carry On Bag, Just In case Bag, Shopping Bag, Weekender Bag

Gym Bag, Small Sports bag, Carry On Bag, Just In case Bag, Weekender Bag

Travel Luggage, Large Gear Bag, Checked Luggage, Just In Case bag, Home Storage bag

Travel Luggage, Large Gear Bag, Checked Luggage, Just In Case bag, Home Storage bag

Travel Luggage, Large Gear Bag, Checked Luggage, Just In Case bag, Home Storage bag

Airline Carry On

Airline Checked Bag

Color selection

Shoe / Laundry Compartment

40 Liters Sports Duffle Bag weighs only 589g With Dimensions of (20″ x 9″ x 13″ inch) (50.5 x 22.9 x 33 cm) and additional external pockets and hangers for accessories, Folded Into Self Compacts into a 30cmx20cmx3cm
Gym Bag For Men and Gym Bag For Women – A Roomy waterproof duffel bag that can be loaded with stuff, It has a waterproof and Odor Proof huge compartments for your Shoes, Towels, Smelly Clothes, Bathing Suite. Features 2 large grippy water bottle mesh compartments, two front pockets, a back pocket and an inner pocket. The bag comes with a detachable and padded shoulder strap to use in addition to the handles.
Lightweight and Durable Made to Last and Ready to withstand the Impact of reusable Travel and Sport adventures. Made of high quality waterproof fabrics and Enhanced with the HoneyComb RipStop Pattern. High quality zippers, clips and accessories. Responsible Manufacturing and Quality Control with the Bago Brand Name.
A Packable Travel Duffel Bag – Use as your carry on weekender bag, traveling Overnight bag or take it folded in your luggage as a Just-In -Case bag and unfold whenever you need more space for gifts, souvenirs or Laundry. The back of the bags features a suitcase holder to use as a carry on bag.